Dr Yousuf Wellness and Longevity Physician
Dr Yousuf Wellness Physician

Dr. Yousuf

Wellness & Longevity PHYSICIAN

At a very early age in life, I fell in love with physical fitness and a developed a passion for health. It was my relief from the stresses of life and gave me clarity and structure. I began to coach my younger nephews in basketball (a sport that I love) and as time past, I discovered my passion for coaching. As I was completing medical school, I realized I could take that passion for coaching and help young aspiring doctors refine and tweak their work ethic and create what it takes to achieve their goal of getting into medical school. What I’ve discovered in life is that you can achieve anything you want- but it takes work and creating habitual habits to create consistency (the key!) to reach those goals. The gym is my happy place and I have learned to put my health- both physical and mental- first. Now, I want to help you!

I have taken my passion for overall wellness, physical fitness and coaching, along with my medical background in Internal Medicine and Cardiology to create the Wellness and Longevity Physician. I believe every individual is different - there is no correct “one size fits all” formula and each person has their own unique set of needs. That’s why, after your personal one-on-one initial consultation, we customize and create a tailor fit plan to fit YOU and your goals. I encourage you to take the step forward and watch your life transform.

Improving your
Relationship With Yourself

We believe self-care requires you to work from the inside out. We are here to guide you in managing everyday stresses and creating a lifestyle that helps you find a balance in all that you do.

Our Coaching Sessions Will Be
  • Personalized

    Our initial sessions will be dedicated to assessing your current wellness and creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.

  • Targeted

    Everyone has pain points when it comes to achieving full body wellness. I’ll work closely with you to help identify and overcome your triggers.

  • Integrative

    Since achieving wellness is more than just exercise and diet, I’ll be guiding you toward other helpful practices to achieve your ultimate goals.


Creating a plan that works for you

Working alongside you to develop an integrated plan to achieve full-body wellness—often combining the practices of nutrition, exercise, preventative medicine and more.

Our Membership
66 Days to establishnew habits
Monthly Membership Package
Monthly membership package
Explore wellness principles on your own schedule through monthly membership courses.

250$/MonthWeekly Session with MD

66 Day Membership Package
66 day membership package
Take charge of your health with this exclusive offer

500$/66DaysWeekly Session with MD

What Our
Patients Are Saying
  • Virtual visit, very nice and took time to know what my ailments were. Very pleasant and professional. Josh C